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Email for perusal scores and parts

Antumbra, ~22’, 2020-22
for Classical Guitar and Orchestra

Room to Grow, 8’30", 2021for homogenous ensemble

  • Saxophone Quintet version available

  • String Quartet version available

  • Brass Quintet version available

Disfigured Grooves, ~10’, 2020

  • for Mixed Ensemble (fl, tsax, cl[db.bcl], pno, perc, egtr, vln, vlc)

Between Us, 7’, 2019
For Clarinet, Saxophone, and Electric Guitar

Midwest American Gothic, 4’30”, 2018-9

Grass Stew, 7’30”. 2018-9
For Bassoon and Bluegrass Ensemble (fiddle, mandolin, banjo, steel-string guitar, cello, upright bass, percussion) 

Fanfare to Call the Dragons, 6’, 2019

for Brass Quintet

Prelude No. 1, 3’30”, 2018
for Solo Classical Guitar

Songs of Presence, ~9’, 2018-9

for 2 Classical Guitars and Soprano

I. The Orders of the Night

II. Hymn to Coe Lake

Urban Solitude, 8’, 2017-8

for Orchestra

Chant du Vent, 5’, 2016

for Guitar Quartet

E Pluribus Unum, ~18’, 2016-7
for Choir, Piano, and String Orchestra 

On the Surface, In the Sky, 1'30", 2016

for Brass and Percussion

Trial and Error, 8’, 2015-7

in two movements: I. Insanity, II. Creativity

for String Quartet
Mvt. II - Creativity, BW Cleveland Orchestra Residency, January 2018 Mvt. I - Insanity, BW New Music Series, October 2016


Email for audio files

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